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Goals are generally expressed using qualitative words; e.g., “increase”, “improve”, or “easier”. Goals can also be decomposed; e.g., Increase profit can be decomposed into the goals Reduce cost and Increase sales. However, it is also very common to associate concrete outcomes with goals, which can be used to describe both the quantitative and time-related results that are essential to describe the desired state, and when it should be achieved.

Figure 36: Goal Notation

An outcome represents an end result that has been achieved.

Outcomes are high-level, business-oriented results produced by capabilities of an organization, and by inference by the core elements of its architecture that realize these capabilities. Outcomes are tangible, possibly quantitative, and time-related, and can be associated with assessments. An outcome may have a different value for different stakeholders.

The notion of outcome is important in business outcome-driven approaches to Enterprise Architecture and in capability-based planning. Outcomes are closely related to requirements, goals, and other intentions. Outcomes are the end results, and goals or requirements are often formulated in terms of outcomes that should be realized. Capabilities are designed to achieve such outcomes.

Outcome names should unambiguously identify end results that have been achieved in order to avoid confusion with actions or goals. At a minimum, outcome names should consist of a noun identifying the end result followed by a past-tense verb or adjective indicating that the result has been achieved. Examples include “First-place ranking achieved” and “Key supplier partnerships in place”. Outcome names can also be more specific; e.g., “2015 quarterly profits rose 10% year over year beginning in Q3”.

Figure 37: Outcome Notation

A principle represents a qualitative statement of intent that should be met by the architecture.

Principles are strongly related to goals and requirements. Similar to requirements, principles define intended properties of systems. However, in contrast to requirements, principles are broader in scope and more abstract than requirements. A principle defines a general property that applies to any system in a certain context. A requirement defines a property that applies to a specific system as described by an architecture.

A principle needs to be made specific for a given system by means of one or more requirements, in order to enforce that the system conforms to the principle. For example, the principle “Information management processes comply with all relevant laws, policies, and regulations” is realized by the requirements that are imposed by the actual laws, policies, and regulations that apply to the specific system under design.

A principle is motivated by some goal or driver. For example, the aforementioned principle may be motivated by the goal to maintain a good reputation and/or the goal to avoid penalties. The principle provides a means to realize its motivating goal, which is generally formulated as a guideline. This guideline constrains the design of all systems in a given context by stating the general properties that are required from any system in this context to realize the goal. Principles are intended to be more stable than requirements in the sense that they do not change as quickly as requirements may do. Organizational values, best practices, and design knowledge may be reflected and made applicable in terms of principles.

7) Password management.

When it comes to passwords, you have choices: 1) use the same password for everything, which is really dumb. 2) Write down your passwords on paper, which isn't as bad an idea as it sounds so long as you don't put them on a sticky note on your PC screen; 3) Memorize all your passwords, not terribly practical. Or, 4) use a password management program.

Now Google comes with one built-in, but if you don't want to put all your security eggs in one cloud basket, you can use other mobile password management programs. The best of the bunch are: Isabel Marant Elva WrapAround Sandals Manchester Great Sale khmeYRna
, 1Password , and Randall sandals Purchase Big Sale For Sale 2DOdnzC

8) Use anti-virus software.

While Google Play Protect does a good job of protecting your phone, when it comes to malware protection I believe is using a belt and suspenders. For my anti-virus (A/V) suspenders, I use Germany's AV-TEST , an independent malware detection lab, results as my guide.

So, the best freeware A/V program today is Avast Mobile Security Antivirus . It's other security features, like its phone tracker, doesn't work that well, but it's good at finding and deleting malware. The best freemium A/V software is Stella McCartney Vegan ChainLink Sandals Pay With Paypal Cheap Price 7J503UQf
. All its components work well and if you elect to go for the full package, it's only $25 for 10 devices.

9) Turn off connections when you don't need them.

If you're not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turn them off. Besides saving some battery life, network connections can be used to attack you. The open toe ankle boots Low Shipping For Sale Cheap Wholesale Price With Credit Card Cheap Online Nicekicks Cheap Price uIFQFPGO
hackers are still alive, well, and ready to wreck your day. Don't give it a chance.

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. Google's device family got the patch and Discount Big Discount Nicekicks Sale Online Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bow RoundToe Pumps Su0rTySgwk
. Has your vendor protected your device yet? Odds are they haven't.

10) If you don't use an app, uninstall it.

Every application comes with its own security problems. Most Android software vendors do a good job of updating their programs. Most of them. If you're not using an application, get rid of it. The fewer program doors you have into your smartphone, the fewer chances an attacker has to invade it.

If you follow up with all these suggestions, your phone will be safer. It won't be perfectly safe -- nothing is in this world. But, you'll be much more secure than you are now, and that's not a small thing.


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Google's October Android security bulletin fixes only 14 bugs, but a new Pixel/Nexus bulletin details dozens more bugs that Android partners can optionally fix.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is involved in several physiological functions including growth, devel¬opment, reproduction, wound healing, response to stressors and possibly lipid metabolism through its action on carnitine synthesis while administering in feed. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is a co-factor in many biological processes including collagen synthesis and cellular functions related to neuromodulation, hormone and immune systems. It has been observed by Tewary and Patra [ 39 ] that higher levels of dietary vitamin C significantly increased the protection against A. hydrophila .

Vitamin C:

Vitamin E: Vitamin E can enhance specific and cell-mediated immunity against infection in Japanese Flounder Paralichthys olivaceus [ Moschino Cheap and Chic Embellished Wicker Sandals Outlet Best Store To Get Outlet Best Seller urRhtv
] and macrophage phagocytosis in fish such as channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus [ 41 ] and turbot Scopthalamus maximus [ Shopping Online Outlet Sale Really Yves Saint Laurent Ponyhair Printed Loafers yaTA2S
]. Vitamin E deficiencies in trout result in reduced protection against Y. ruckeri [ 43 ].

Vitamin E:


Growth hormone (GH): GH directly affects immune competent cells like macrophages, lymphocytes and NK cells. In fish, exogenous growth hormone (GH) has mitogenic activity on lymphocytes and activates NK cells and production of superoxide anions of leucocytes.

Growth hormone (GH):

Prolactin: Prolactin also directly affects immune competent cells like macrophages, lymphocytes and NK cells. It can enhance the production of superoxide anions of leucocytes. Sakai et al. [ 44 ] documented that prolactin helps in increased level of production of superoxide anion in rainbow trout by leucocytes.


Lactoferrin, consist of a single peptide chain with molecular wt. ~ 87,000 Da and posses 2 Fe-binding sites per molecule, most popular physiological fluids of mammals [ 2 ].

Cytokines: Cytokines are polypeptides or glyco-proteins which act as modulators in the immune System. Cytokines may be useful as powerful immunostimulants if their structures can be identified and recombinant molecules prepared.


Algal derivatives

Laminaran is a β (1, 6)-branched β (1, 3)-D-glucan, a major component in sub-littoral brown algae, e.g. Phaeophyceae. Almost all B-(1, 3) D-glucan display poor water solubility which makes them less easy to handle than aqueous soluble laminaria. Laminaran obtained from Laminaria hyperhorea has immune modulatory effect on immune system as well.

Immunological system in fish

The immune system is the system which continuously fights against the pathogen and give proper protection to our body. The two types of immune system are innate immune system or non specific immune system and acquired immune system or adaptive immune system. The essence of the immunological system of the vertebrates is to react and protect against the infections. Proper work of the immunological system of a fish involves different cells and organs. There are different factors that affect the immunological response of the fish. Inherent factors like health and age, extrinsic like temperature or changes in abiotic parameters them all together affect the health condition, and thus the response. Those changes cause in some cases stress, which if achieves high level generates an immunological system collapse [ 45 ].

Single site: Extension licenses included in the Personal Pass can only be activated on one site at a time.

Single site:

Standard Payment Gateways

Easy Digital Downloads comes with three built-in Payment Gateways, PayPal Standard , Amazon Payments , and Test Payment .

Purchasing the Personal Pass does not grant you access to additional Payment Gateways. However, they are not required unless you prefer to expand your payment options.

Easy Digital Downloads is fully operational with the built-in Payment Gateways. For more information, see the Payment Gateway documentation .

Included Email Marketing extensions

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Subscribers customers to MailPoet newsletter lists.


Integrate with Sendy, a self-hosted mailing list management system

Mail Chimp

Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout.

Mad Mimi

Adds an option for users to sign up for your Mad Mimi Email list during checkout.

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Subscribe customers to your GetResponse newsletter list


Subscribe your customers to forms and courses in ConvertKit

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Add Campaign Monitor Email integration to EDD.


Adds an option for users to sign up for your AWeber Email list during checkout.


Includes ActiveCampaign integration in EDD.

Add to Cart Popup

Short description:

Displays a popup message with options after an item is added to the cart.

Original price:
$29.00 (single site license)

Acquisition Survey

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Gather "how did you hear about us" information during checkout

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Free Downloads

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Adds better handling for free downloads

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Adds the ability to generate a HTML vat invoice

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Per Product Emails

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Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products

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EDD Cross-sell and Upsell

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Increase sales and customer retention with cross-sells and upsells.

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Variable Pricing Switcher

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Allow variable prices to be switched on checkout page.

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EDD Social Discounts

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Give special discounts to buyers that share your products out to social networks.

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